World Dredging Congress and Expositions (WODCONs) are held once every three (3) years by the World Organization of Dredging Associations (WODA). First formed in 1967 in New York and held worldwide since then, these conferences cycle between the three sister dredging associations WEDA, CEDA & EADA. In 2019, EADA hosted WODCON XXII in Shanghia, Chia. In 2022, CEDA hosted WODCON XXIII in Copenhagen, Denmark. WEDA will host the next World Dredging Congress (WODCON XXIV) in San Diego, CA, USA, June 23-27, 2025.

The World Dredging Congress has become the most important and anticipated event for dredging professionals worldwide. WODCONs are the only global event dedicated exclusively to dredging and maritime construction and provide a unique platform for researchers and practitioners from industry, academia, and governments to meet and discuss dredging.